Camel milk.. the desert healer!

by Sana Al Hadethee

For thousands of years, In many cultures, camel milk has had a very ancient reputation for healing many different ailments. There is a traditional belief in Arab culture that regular consumption of camel milk may aid in healing and preventing of many health issues. Camel milk was used as a survival staple in prolong journeys through the desert, when food and other liquid were extremely limited.

There is a lot of truth in that, because Camels are built differently than any other mammal. Camels can survive without water and very little food for 30 days or more. Hence they can live in an incredibly harsh climate, meanwhile they can still produce one of the most nutritious and healing milk out there, due to their strong immune system. “It has natural antibiotics like lac-toferrin, which keeps the milk fresh for longer and means bacteria cannot grow quickly like in cow milk,” Said; Dr Habib, Nutrition expert. “To make yogurt with cow milk takes four hours but not less than 10 to 12 hours with camel, proving it takes much longer for the milk to turn. It’s the closest thing to mothers’ milk,” referencing Dr. Habib.
Camel milk is highly nutritious and a complete meal that meets all nutritional requirements therefore, Bedouins has survived on it for months at times. It is 5x richer in vitamin C than Cow milk, and 10x in Iron and Calcium. It contains only 2% of fat, and it is joined to protein therefore, it has no strain on the liver and has more omega 3 to omega 6 compared to Cow milk.
The effectiveness and healing properties of camel milk have been reported over and over during the past several decades in a variety of publications, especially, the effect on ASD (autistic spectrum disorder)which made a big hype among parents with suffering children around the world.
Camel milk is not only treated as food, but also as a remedy. Therefore, it is prescribed as a remedy for many different illnesses. Please note the following examples;

Healing power of Camel milk  


1- Camel milk heals food allergies and gut problems:
The antibodies and immune properties of camel’s milk contributes to its wonderful viral and bacterial fighting abilities. A study found that children with severe food allergies react well to Camel milk, and fully recover from all their allergies. It is all due to the absence
of beta-lactoglobulin and a “new” beta-casein in Camel milk. Therefore, it is not reactive to the children with autism and even non-allergenic to those with the most sensitive allergy to milk and casein.


2- Camel milk antibodies have superior antibacterial and antiviral properties:
Dr. Reuven Yagil stated in his autoimmune paper, “conventional antibodies rarely show a complete neutralising activity against enzyme antigens, but camel IgG has a full neutralising activity against tetanus toxin as it enters the enzymes structure”. Viruses can also be neutralised by knocking out their enzyme activity, and studies show the camel antibody is an effective inhibitor against hepatitis C enzyme system and bacterial like E. coli, Salmonella, and has anti tumour activity, especially breast cancer.


3- Camel milk can control Diabetes:
 A study conducted by Dr. Amal Bakr Shori, department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science at King Abdulaziz University, stated that, “Camel milk has a powerful effect in reducing blood glucose levels and insulin requirement, and it limits diabetic complications such as elevated cholesterol levels, liver and kidney diseases; decreased oxidative stress; and delayed wound healing. Camel milk is safe and efficient in improving long-term glycemic control and can provide a significant reduction in the dose of insulin required by type 1 diabetic patients. Therefore, the daily consumption of camel milk may reduce the risk of diabetes”.
Medical studies have shown that cow milk raises glucose levels and that camel milk actually lowers glucose levels and cholesterol. Recent studies have also shown that gluten is guilty in raising glucose levels. Therefore, for best results I recommend a low carb diet , gluten free, dairy free diet along with Camel milk.


4- A great Autism relive:
Casein molecules in Camel milk are found to be larger in size than those of cow milk or human milk. Besides, the milk has a lower pH than other milk, whereas, when casein entering the stomach do not breakdown into casein and whey and therefore do not break into casomorphins. Casomorphin creation from cow milk is one of the major problems that increases autistic symptoms.

Dr. Reuven Yagil, a camel expert who was the first to describe the use of camel milk to treat autism, says, “Autism is not a brain affliction but an autoimmune disease afflicting primarily the intestines.” However, Scientist Dr. Amnon Gonenne, believes that, the calming of the inflammation, is one of the benefits of Camel milk. Eyal Lifshitz, a manager and owner of a Camel milk research centre, says ” when you treat inflammation, you can see immediate progress”. He confirmed that he noticed more results in children with milder diagnosis, such as ADHD, and Asperger ‘s syndrome. The living evidence, for now, is only the Parents who’s reporting increased skills in their ASD children, such as, better sleep, more eye contact, better language, increasing spatial awareness, and reduced gastrointestinal problems. Whereas, recently a new study by Dr. Dan Rossignol, related to the deficiency of (CFD) Cerebral folate deficiency appears to be found in 62% of children with ASD who produce autoantibodies to the folate receptor alpha, found in camel milk and cow milk. Dr. Rossignol recommends all children with ASD to be tested for FRA autoantibodies.


5- Fight cancer:  Camel-2A
Camel milk has anti-tumour properties. Studies done by King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, and University of Alberta, Canada showed successful applications of camel milk for cancer and treatment of other medical conditions


6- Reduce liver inflammation and Hepatitis C:
Camel milk has antiviral properties that help reduce liver inflammation. The milk also have many nutrients that are required for healthy liver functions. An Egyptian- Spanish joined study on the effect of camel milk on Hepatitis C virus, showed positive results in impeding growth of HCV.


The Bedouins believed that only fresh camel milk is effective in healing ailments. However, some recommend to have the raw, Unpasteurised camel milk, because the pasteurisation process may denature biological factors that plays a significant role in the healing, anti-inflammatory action of the milk, as Dr. Yagil and Dr. Gonenne believes. While Renate Wernery, of Dubai’s Central Veterinary Research Lab (CVRL) in Dubai, which is the source of research for the Camelicous camel milk brand, supports milk pasteurisation for safety reasons, and confirm that pasteurisation does not effect quality. She states ” It’s a myth that only raw camel milk releases ‘good bacteria enzymes”. ”Even the most heat-sensitive component in camel milk, undoubtedly vitamin C, does lose only 7 percent of its quantity by pasteurisation,”.






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