How To Be An Exceptional Ager!

by Sana Al Hadethee

We know that eternal youth isn’t possible and nothing will permanently stop all wrinkles from forming, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to anti-ageing and your skin. A new Olay study in coordination with personal genetics company 23andMe indicates that could be the case.

This study found that some especially young-looking women, classified as “Exceptional Skin Agers,” have a unique genetic fingerprint that plays a role in how good they look. About 2,000 of their genes are essentially working harder and more efficiently in areas associated with younger-looking skin!

Turns out, we all have these genes, but the expression was reportedly increased in the group that looked a lot younger than they actually were.

They took women from four different ethnic groups, with ages ranging from their 20s to their 70s…and saw what happened to their skin as it aged.

The study found that there is a small group of women whose skin ages particularly slowly, and they all seem to share a genetic “fingerprint.” To start off, the researchers visually ranked the women as either “exceptional skin agers ,” whose skin appeared to be much younger than their biological age, or normal agers, who looked their age.

The genes that differed in the exceptional ager group were involved in maintaining the skin’s antioxidant levels and moisture barriers. This could be why they hadn’t experienced as many physical signs of ageing.

Frauke Neuser, principal scientist at Olay said that in the average woman, these types of biological processes naturally start to slow down in their thirties. However, in the exceptional agers, these processes kept going as if the women were still in their twenties.

“You can’t change your genes, but you can affect the 80 percent [of skin’s ageing due to environmental factors],” he said. “By changing the skin’s environment—where you are, what you put on it—you are affecting what’s going on underneath.”

So astonishingly, it turned out that lifestyle choices are more important than anything genetic. And the good news is skin ageing is absolutely within our control. For example, women who used sunscreen are 78 percent more likely to be exceptional agers. Women who take supplements, are more likely to be super-agers. Exercise enthusiast are more likely to age better than average. Finally, and most importantly, women who are worrying and anxiety free in general are 30 percent more likely to be exceptional skin angers. I think a young looking face is a relaxed face and all the rest comes next.


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