Bespoke summer facial by Celebrity Facialist: Nataliya Robinson

by Sana Al Hadethee

Summer is the best times to get a facial however, Facials are important for our skin year round. Facials can build the skin defence against the environmental pollution, focus on repairing protecting it from increased sun exposure, promoting a healthy glowing complexion, firmer and a more hydrated skin.

Although I haven’t had a facial for a while, because I truly hesitate to leave my face under random beauty therapist Marcy, and because I lately had quite disappointing experiences having facials. This time, I decided to

Nataliya Robinson

Nataliya Robinson

give it a go and head for the celebrity Facialist Nataliya Robinson. She’s called the skin whisperer and the hidden secret for healthy glowing skin to Royals, officials and celebraties around the world.

I visited Nataliya feeling absolutely floored, and exhausted having had a rough week on the hottest day of the year in the UK. Reached her little chic Maison in Chelsea, south of kings road, nearly melting and grasping my breath. She accompanied me with her sweet smile upstairs for the treatment room after she offered me a glass of water and gave me a long list of forms to fill in. The second I slide into that fluffy sumptuous treatment bed, I was ready to go to heaven and felt better already. The room decor was all relaxing with the soft Jazz music in the background.

Nataliya did a lot of a very gentle work on my skin. She said, “because it is hot outside, we need to calm and cool the skin”. She adds: “During the summer especially when it’s too hot the capillaries and pores become wider, this leads to broken capillaries and facials redness plus open pores”. She started with the Enzyme mask that gently exfoliate dead skin. Nataliya did not leave me during applying the musk, but she’s rather kept working on my skin. After She did extraction Then the oxygen therapy. Finally, she gave me the special mask to strengthen my skin defence against the Sun damage because I told her I’ll be travelling to Dubai. This 5 layers mask consist of 2 ingredients: Aloe Vera for (cooling and healing) and Edelweiss extract for (increasing immune system of the skin). The cherry on the (sugar-free cake) ? was the wonderful acupressure massage.
I managed finally to ask Nataliya one question after my nap ? about a tip for darker permeated the skin and how to protected from discoloration, she replied: “For the Arabic skin I will recommend a natural way to brighten and reduce pigmentation to use soy milk topically on the skin (unsweetened or flavoured). By wiping your skin with it or keeping it on it as a face mask for about 10 minutes. Doing that can help with skin problems as well” .
I slowly lifted myself off the bed, it took me a few minutes to unglue myself, getting dressed felt very light, and fresh ready to face the world again.

– Nataliya, tailor made that facial specifically for my skin needs on the spot

– I had some hidden milia heads for years no therapist managed to notice them. Nataliya did immediately notice them

– The pore cleaning and extraction was very deep, and thorough, removing the milia had to be done by needle and yet, it barely left any trace on my skin.
– Nataliya is not the type of therapist that slams the mask on your skin and leave you for half of the facial time. She has always combined work on my skin. She even gives me acupunctures on some spots while I had masks.
– With all the work she was giving me I still felt very relaxed and managed to nap.
– My skin was glowing and felt very clean and squeaky after the treatment
– I felt uplifted as a whole, soul, body and mind when I finished the treatment. 

– The treatment falls a littel bit on the expensive side for what it is though
– I would go back for my deep cleansing treatment in few months time for that price. 

Name of treatment: European facial (Full)
Price: £225

For appointments please call 00 44 7774544455 or visit

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