A Body indulge and a Soul refuge on the Baltic Sea

by Sana Al Hadethee

An exceptional escape and getaway to the world of luxury and nature at its best. a hidden gem on the baltic sea, between the romantic land of lakes and Majestic trees.

When I was invited to the historic Schloss Weissenhaus (the White castle) that was built around 1600, and Located in northern Germany, one hour 15 minutes away from Hambourg, I never though I will have such a pleasantly surprising experience.

The castle manor was destroyed in a fire in 1895. Then bought and renovated in 2005 by Owner Jan Henric Buettner to develop the “Weissenhaus Grand Village”

A Soul Adventure
I thought okay, it is going to be partly boring for being in northern Europe, and a week is going to be too long. Well, far from it! Fortunately, it turned out to be one of the best travelling experiences I had for a long time and I really travel a lot.

This house was once a gift from the Count to his Countess to warm up after a swim by the fire. Today it is converted to a dream luxury cottage, with a free-standing bath in the winter garden, and a private outdoor sauna.

This house was once a gift from the Count to his Countess to warm up after a swim by the fire. Today it is converted to a dream luxury cottage, with a free-standing bath in the winter garden, and a private outdoor sauna

total peace and serenity

total peace and serenity

The moment I reached the Wiessenhaus manor main gate, and the doors opened to drive me through a long drive within the private parkland area with the scattered fascinating 40 historical buildings on both sides, I thought this is going to be a deferent adventure. Not yet to reach at the end of the drive to face a gorgeous white palace shines out from between the giant trees and baroque gardens. A priceless and breathtaking view.

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I found myself in a true getaway gem set by unspoilt 3km beach on the Baltic Sea yet hidden amid 185 acres of private parkland. The 40 historic buildings are beautifully restored and have individually designed spacious rooms and suites, each offering all the elements of contemporary interiors and luxury escape. Although they are 40 buildings, you still feel the huge green space and ultimate sense of peacefulness.


Nature and luxury at its best

A praivat lake withen the parkland area

A private lake within the parkland area

Nestled in a romantic countryside and in the land of lakes of Holstein Switzerland between Oldenburg and Lütjenburg. The Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa probably is the most extraordinary beach resort in Europe. Not only for location but for exquisite Michelin star fine dining & hospitality experience, beautiful beaches, the picturesque surrounding of the vast lands and woods. You can hike, cycle, just lay on the beach and get wasted?, try some water sports, horse riding, golf, or just sip wines in your room or maybe indulge in spa treatments.

The German Reviera

You are guaranteed to experience both luxury and nature at its best. I felt spoiled for choice, honestly, I felt then a week is not enough. I think as well because I longed for peace and quiet for a while now and I desperately needed to escape.


I am very fond of both nature and luxury, and to have the best of both at the same package is not always successful. I was cycling every day to the organic strawberry farms nearby to buy my organic and the most delicious cherries and all other types of berries. The full succulent taste of those berries alone is worth the trip for me.

A breakfast in heaven

A breakfast in heaven

The breakfast alone in the Courtier at Weissenhaus, Made it for me too. A grand buffet mostly with fresh local produce, beautifully set, facing the baroque garden and the sea, an experience I wanted to last forever. Instead, some other mornings, I had the same breakfast in the relaxed Boothause for the breathtaking view over the stunning Baltic Sea.

I decided to cycle most of the days after breakfast to explore the nearby farms and villages, have a small lunch or a snack and cycling back to Weissenhaus for afternoon indulge in spa or beach experiences.

To the Spa

The spa was located in the historic carriage house with glazed courtyard nearby the castle. I was staying at the Manor house (castle). I had to go in my Robe if I were to take the underground tunnel that connects the castle with the spa and not going through the main doors. I enjoed going through the tunnel, it felt like I am in one of those 007 filmes! 

Going through the dark softly lit tunnel with the signature scent of Vanilla and Lime makes you ready for a world of supreme luxury and ultimate relaxation. I felt pampered even without having any of their soothing treatment by relaxing around under the glass hall, reading my book, or just thinking of England or having a bite at the raw cafe where they prepare everything under 40c.

Using the state of the art heated swimming pool set by a fireplace to warm up the cold winter days and an automatic glass door leads the swimmers to the outside beautiful courtyard and majestic trees connected to the woods. I even saw wild deer roaming around the little shrubs while I was lying sunbathing after a dip in the pool. What an endearing seen.



the indoor sauna

the indoor sauna

After my swim, I head for the sauna. A choice of three options, the 60 or 90 degrees or the outdoor sauna and shower. I always went to the 90 degrees. I love sauna it is so cleansing and soothing for my muscles after long bicycle rides

The snow room is not as bad as i thought

The snow room is not as bad as I thought

After the sauna, I had to bite my tongue and try the snow room for its health benefits, such as increased energy, fat burning, detoxification, and reduction in the formation of wrinkles and cellulite. I couldn’t last for longer than 5 minutes, though . After my shower with the refreshing Loccitane products, I felt totally rejuvenated and recharged and very hungry ?.

The cherry on the sugar-free cake?

It is time now to indulge in my next delight, which is food?. Now, I have to make the most difficult choice whether I get pampered for room service or to visit the 2 Michelin star of the Fine-Dining-Restaurant Courtier served by Christian Scharrer and his team. All set in a casual, relaxed and friendly environment. And yes, believe it or not, very friendly and empathetic I discovered Germans can be?✨, or the days I long for more connection with nature I go to watch the magnificent sunset at the Boothause and enjoy indulgence at its best!

It was dinner at the Bootshaus with the sunset!

It was dinner at the Bootshaus with the sunset! 


this is how you say good night to the sun at the Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa.

This is how you say good night to the sun at the Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa.

The End…