Techniques to help premature ejaculation

by Sana Al Hadethee

Various exercises and techniques may help train the muscles involved in ejaculation. By becoming aware of and strengthening these muscles, it may be possible to increase orgasm control. Apart from working on the real cause of premature ejaculation, and corroborating the right diet and supplements in your daily lifestyle keep reading here to learn more.

Kegael exercise for men and why?

Start by squeezing those last few drips of urine out after you pee. This is the perfect way to get familiar with the muscles in your pelvic floor while ensuring you’re not leaving any gross residue behind after you’re finished. 

Once you know how to get to the muscles in question, you can do Kegel exercises anytime, anywhere. A lot of men find it easiest to exercise these muscles when they’re laying down, at least until they get familiar with the feeling. In the beginning, try strengthening this region when you’re laying in bed—just before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up. This twice-a-day regimen will help you warm up to this area you’d otherwise not give any consideration to.

When you’re comfortable doing Kegel exercises laying down, integrate them into other parts of your day. Try doing them while you’re  doing your other daily activities.

Add Kegel exercises to your life anytime you experience a situation that puts pressure on your abdomen—think coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting heavy objects. Once you train your mind to put your pelvic floor muscles first, these exercises will become second nature and will gain enormous control over your ‏orgasm. 


The way we breathe before and during sex greatly affects our duration in bed. If we have a short and fast breath, we will not last long. Proper breathing, on the other hand, is the key to curing premature ejaculation.

You can also learn the correct breathing for ejaculation control over the course of lasting longer. To start immediately you can repeat that breathing 10 times every so often during the day to learn how to do it automatically, without thinking, during the intercourse.

Stop and start method

This trick is performed to help you understand your ejaculation and orgasm process better. To do this, you have to orgasm a few times on your own, but double the times you normally do in a week. Now once you are close to your orgasm, stop the simulation. Relax and then continue till the end. Repeat the process for a few weeks and then you will become efficient in delaying your ejaculation.

Tantric techniques

While some may ward it off as delusional, tantric sex is a boon for explorative couples. Following the tantric techniques, men can control early ejaculation and also improve their sexual life to a great extent. To use this technique pull out immediately and cease stimulation a few minutes before you feel orgasmic. You will feel your PC muscles and then lower your chin on your chest. This is done to prevent the energy from rising any further. Now take a deep breath and to feel the warmth of your partner’s body and continue.

Do not

Avoid anesthetic ointments, sprays that reduce sensitivity and retarding condoms. First of all they do not solve the problem because they reduce the sensitivity of the skin. In addition, those products, even those advertised based on natural raw materials, contain substances that in the long run can give great problems of dermatitis and irritation. It is absolutely not possible to use them for life and therefore they are not a definitive solution. 

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