10 Lazy tricks to lose weight

by Sana Al Hadethee

In fact, there are a lot of smart tricks apart from the hard ways to lose the tires. You only need a tiny bit of effort to burn more calories faster than you think.


1. Drink H2O
Participants who drank 2 cups of water before meals, lost more weight than the group who didn’t drink any water over a period of time, showed in a study published in the obesity journal.

2. Trick your brain: 
Blue colour acts as an appetites suppressant a study showed. So eating from a blue plate should trick your brain and make you eat less. Why don’t go for bluer and smaller plates for a smaller belly.

3. Take your music with you:
Take your upbeat tunes with you when doing your grocery shopping. A study by Ronald Milliman In the Journal of Marking, showed that you end up paying 29% more for food if you are listening to the super market calming music.

4. Laughing out loud:

Bust your gut with laughter not with food. A good Jenkins laugh may increase your metabolic rate by 20%. A study in the Obesity Journal suggest that a 10 a15 minutes of giggling cost you 40- 170 calorie burn.

5. Drop the business attire:
 A study by the American Council, suggests that wearing casual clothes, can increase physical activity level during our daily routine. The study says wearing your casual gears once a week make you burn 6,250 calories a year. Get into your jeans now and make it happen.

6. Park on stability ball:
Parking your butt on a stability ball will not only make you burn calories, it will help improve your core and posture. Using a stability ball can vanish 260 calories daily, much more than sitting a chair.

7. Get thinner resting:
You will grow more muscles if you add a resting day between your trainings. That will help your body to naturally burn fat.

8. Sleeping, melt a way fat:
Forget about love making, to burn access fat, sleeping your way through is the way to gain a slender body. Inadequate sleep can play up with your hunger- hormones balance and make you eat more. 


9. Get the Piperine:
A study found that Black pepper, has a great ability to decrease waist size, cholesterol levels and body fat by decreasing inflammation and interfering with fat cells formation.

10. Eat your chocolate:
Have a piece of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate every time you crave sweets. Dark chocolate helps with weight loss, stabilising blood sugar, controlling appetite and reducing sweet cravings and it also improves your mood. It is a win win! 

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