Turning the table on cancer with nutritional treatments

by Sana Al Hadethee

I have practiced all the following protocols when i had breast cancer on my own risk. Each body react differently to everything. I don’t advice any one to practice these protocols without the help of professionals. 

The most important step is the beginning:

To give your body a quick cleanse from toxins and help nutrient absorption and immunity.

Pitted dry plum, Extra Virgin olive oil organic clod pressed, carrots, green chilli, turmeric powder, herbal tea (green tea or dandelion) or any. Carrot juicer, blender.


Soak 10 dry plums in 4 cups of water and leave over night.

In the morning put the soaked plums and water in a blender until smooth.
Prepare 2 litres of carrot juice
2 litres of clean drinking water

Before you put anything in your mouth, in the morning, drink 2 cups of plum juice with 2 tablespoons of olive oil
Drink 1 cup of carrot juice after half an hour.
Drink 1 cup of water after half an hour. Continue to alternate between carrot juice and water every half hour for 6 hours.
Drink 1 cup of plum juice after 6 hours with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
We start repeating the water and carrot juice every half hour for the next 6 hours again
Drink 1 cup of plum juice with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Back to alternating the carrot juice with water every half hour until sleeping time.

Eat 2 green chilli twice a day whenever you can.

Add teaspoon of turmeric powder to any cup of carrot juice
Continue on this for 3 day without any other food. Watch your sugar level if you are diabetic and take your medicine.

Coffee enema: start with coffee enema in the 3ed day of detox. For instructions look at the useful links below

Start the Jim Humble’s Protocol 4000 Using MMS 2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

This is a very powerful protocol and extremely effective. Link below

After the 3 days detox this is What you should do in the 4th day:

TO START THE DAY – About an hour before breakfast, have 
a glass of raw sauerkraut juice. It has cancer-fighting benefits.
Home-made is best in order to get the digestive enzymes if not available have 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water.

GREEN JUICE: Any green leaves, green coriander, parsley, green apple not more than 2 a day, kiwi not more than 4 a day, fresh cranberry, not more than 3 lemons a day, coconut, avocado, any type of burry, Wheat grass, not more than 20g of fresh turmeric a day, fresh Aloe Vera, fresh ginger and chlorophyll.

Drinking green juice all day long every hour up to 13 cup a day is a very essential process..
Most of it should be without the fibre, but skipping 2-3 glasses with fibre will make good for bowel movement.
It is preferable to use a cold pressed juicer.
Green juice should include apart from the regular mixed green leaves,  not less than 20ml green coriander juice and 20ml parsley juice on daily bases, 30ml of chlorophyll and Aloe vera spread it through out the day.
Add 1 tablespoons or more of Morenga powder at any time of the day( if you are not Hypothyroid).

Add 1 teaspoons of Maca powder

A cup of green tea or herbal tea to start the day with. It provides warm liquid
required for the ground flaxseeds in the Budwig musli below to swell properly. That is important. Then eat your Muesli [the Budwig diet refers to
 the recipe below – we often call it FOCC]. Cottage cheese, quark,
 homemade yogurt cheese or kefir cheese is OK to use.
Budwig FOCC Recipe:

Make enough for 1 meal only, avoid storing. Eat
immediately. Use organic foods if possible.

1- Blend 6 tblsp flaxseed oil with 6 tblsp low-fat Cottage cheese or quark with a hand-
held immersion electric mixer for about a minute. 
The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil. If it looks separated no good and it means it will not do the job. DO NOT add anything to the recipe before the blend of oil and cheese is perfect and without any separation. 
Layer or stir in the following ingredients:

2-Grind 2 tblsp whole flaxseeds and add to the mixture. 
Freshly ground flaxseeds become rancid within 20 minutes, eat recipe immediately.
3- Add fresh frozen berries – blueberries,
raspberries, etc., which contain cancer-fighting allergic acid.
4- If mixture is too thick, add some some water or some non dairy milk
5- Add organic raw unsalted nuts such as walnuts or Hazelnuts (not peanuts)
and, if you wish, a bit of raw manukau honey or vanilla. Try various
 flavourings. Limit honey to 2 teaspoons a day and only Manuka or some guaranteed wild quality
6- Add to your Budwig meal, 1 tablespoons of grounded Black cumin seeds and 2 tablespoons of Grounded Hemp seed. It’s up to you if you add it to the meal or eat it separately or mix it with your daily honey allowance but you have to have it daily.

This can help you to follow Dr. Budwig’s protocol. It is based on her book, “Cancer – The Problem and the Solution” [1999], her cookbook, “The Oil-Protein Diet” 1952. You can find how to make it on you tube. This recipe is one example of how Flax oil can be mixed with cheese. If you don’t 
like this recipe, you can make yogurt cheese, kefir cheese, goat cheese. You
also can add veggies/spices rather than fruit & eat the fruit at another time.

The human body does not produce EPA and DHA on its own and flax consumption cannot meet the body’s need for these vital fatty acids. Take it easy on consuming  fresh fish, and some forms of algae because majority of it are high in mercury and when it claims organic it is high in harmful bacteria because of the way they grow it. 

Eat 30-40 Apricot kernel daily divided in equal dosage through the day for 45 day
After 45 day, eat only 15 Apricot kernel through out the day.

Take a 1 teaspoon of aluminium free backing soda mixed with honey first thing in the morning
Try to measure your body alkalinity, it should be between 8-9 if you can’t just do as fellow:
Day 1: 1 teaspoon of the mixture
Day2: 2 teaspoons one in the morning and one in the afternoon
Day3: 3 teaspoons between meals
Day4,5,6 and 7: 3 teaspoons between meals
IMPORTANT: you should drink more than 2 liters of water a day with this protocol to help the body to expel the toxins

1- 6 tablespoons of steamed and crushed Asparagus
2- 10 ml or 3g of Propolis by adding to water or juice
3- Noni 500mg
4- Rub Frankincense and Myrrh oil on your neck 3 times a day. Also, drink 3 drops of each oil in 200ml water 3 times a day. Alternate between oils.
5- 3 capsules of Costus a day
6- 1 kelp capsules daily
7- Magnesium oil body spray daily
8- Sun bathing when ever there is sun.
9- Walking fast starts with 30 minutes a day up to 2 hours. Jumping for a few minutes when you can.
10- Earthing, walking bare foot and making direct contact with earth for a few minutes daily
11- Sleeping not later than 11 pm
12- Vitamin C Chelation therapy
13- Stop table salt instead use Himalayan pink salt
14- No sugary food or fruits what so ever.
15- No gluten
16- No dairy apart from the one you use in Budwig diet
17- No processed foods
18-No caned food or any those of preservatives
19- No wheat and carbs




Useful links:
Please take these protocols seriously, they do work.

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