Escape.. to health

by Sana Al Hadethee

Are you ready finally to press the wellness restart button? If you feel the need to find your balance and re assess your health life, and refresh your passion and spirit, then you are in a desperate need for a healthy escape.

To finally find the time and the way, to learn how to lead a healthier life style and discover balance in your life can be a life changing experience. Choosing a wellness holiday can be stressful and confusing sometimes. The best way to find these holidays is through a specialised organisation in wellness Retreats or go with an experienced Retreat Guide. Here you have a few tips to help you find which type of healthy holiday your looking for:

1-Take note on your physical and mental situation. Think about why you need this sort of holiday.

2- if you feeling down and lethargic, with bad skin and hair, and you seem ageing with increased food cravings, you need a detox holiday.

3- do you have an up coming event and you want to look your best and looking into shaping and dropping the extra pounds, try the weight loss holidays.

4- to rediscover your spirit, and find direction go for yoga and meditation retreats.

5- if you’re like enjoying a combination of indulgent spa treatments, fitness classes, wellness activities, and yoga. Just book your self a ticket to a luxury hotel spa and they do the rest for you.

6- if you suffer from depression or addiction, the above choices can be all overwhelming. You need stillness and space to re connect with your self and the world.

Why do you need to escape?

There are plenty of reasons on why would anyone needs a wellness holiday, but these are the most obvious ones:


1- Switching off bad habits: 

whether you are battling your food cravings, or can not resist leaving the couch to do some exercise. The new peaceful environment and the experienced carefully planned scheduled will make you easily or even subconsciously get over your habits.

2- Disconnect from technology: 
For not loosing your self in every day pressure, and disconnecting with the new world helps you regenerate your energy and brain clarity. Getting out of the routine, can inspire you to becoming a healthier, happier you.

3- Get results while having fun:
The environment, the serene surrounding of the place and the expertise, all help you go through the transformation you need with or without your knowing and while your having fun.

4- Ignite your creativity:
The relaxing surrounding encourage you to have a clearer more positive thoughts, so you can rid off all negativity around your life and makes you aware of it.

5- Can be a life changer:
The knowledge you expose to in wellness retreat can be a chance to motivate you and convert you to healthier lifestyle more merciful to your wellbeing.

Get ready to escape

Putting your body through detox is quite an intensive experience. Try to plan some resting and having good night sleeps a week before your journey. My advice for anyone who is planning to go detox holiday is to try adjusting to eat clean and kick nagging bad habits for at least one week before you start your holiday to avoid the ” detox symptoms”. Eating unprocessed clean food, that’s free of refined sugar and flours, excessive caffeine and alcohol will avoid the extra stress and make any detox diet much easier.

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